Introduction about the online casino
March 16, 2018
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Calculation of your money is multiplying because of you. Yes, exactly, the more you play the more you are going to lose your money. It shifts you from richer to poorer or destitute state. The social costs of gambling include your personal cost which you earn financially to stay safe and secure, the physical cause like peer relations with friends and families, these two will get away from you and finally, you’ll starve with nothing. This will again lead to some inner feelings that repulsively come out in the form of typical changes in behavior. You’ll become insane and people who are adherent to you will fear of coming to you. Anger, insanity, rough behavior, having more drugs and alcohol and getting addicted to these will ultimately take you to serious acme points in life.

 You are paying income tax to the government and here you are also paying additional tax which is paid by casinos on behalf of you to the government. This a double whammy kind of an effect regarding money payments in form of taxes as concerned.

 Many of them will be happy with their families in their social and economic life and also in terms of financial stability as well and you will not be anymore if you are into these gambling activities. These casinos also affect the educated minds internally and it also affects the young minds sooner than the elderly ones. The state will also feel an insecurity if there is a rise in these pathological gamblers.

 People once get into the hunt for money, a new unfair and illegal activity starts which is called money laundering activity where they think of storing money in the banks illegally, and this is another negative sign for the economy. It is the stolen money from public, and its also a crime. The other negative aspect is, the people who are residing near to these casinos gets attracted very quickly. To people’s unfortunate, no shops or business is allowed to be run near these casinos. Because the thing is, people don’t spend much time in these casinos if they find something interesting and worthwhile beside cassinos.

 Family problems occur when there is insecurity and instability such as divorce, fights in the family and it finally leads to social disturbance in some cases. Even there is a case of killing each other in the family when due to certain reason if he/she is drunk to huge losses on daily basis. The mind of a person revolves around money and it stays in the mind that the gambler is no more a player but a loser in every aspect. These negative thoughts will ruin the minds of the person and disturb the tranquillity life within and outside.

 Gambling is not a bad activity and dumping huge amounts for these is a negative effect which needs to be controlled and looked after by the people. Understand what you are doing and be aware of your funds in the pockets, your family needs to sustain, remember that.


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